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The Role of the Confirmation Sponsor

The most important role of a Confirmation sponsor is to walk with you and guide you as you prepare to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit in this Sacrament of Initiation. Confirmation sponsors are like spiritual coaches or mentors. They affirm your strengths and point out ways you can grow and become better in the practice of faith. You share your faith journey together. A Confirmation sponsor participates in your preparation and presents you to the bishop or priest during the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. But their role does not end on the day of your Confirmation. It continues through your whole life. Then role they play is intended to continue to be a positive Catholic influence for the rest of your life.

How to Choose Your Sponsor

Choosing your sponsor for Confirmation is an important task. When you think about choosing someone think about choosing someone who is an active, practicing Catholic; someone who is enthusiastic about the Catholic faith; and someone who is easy to talk to and be around. Here are some suggestions to help you as you make your choice:

  • Think about the qualities you want your sponsor to have.
  • Think about people who are good examples for you.
  • Ask yourself if one of your godparents would be a good sponsor.
  • Talk with your parents, other family members, or your catechists about who would be a good choice.
  • Remember, sponsors must be at least sixteen years old. They must be practicing Catholics and have already celebrated Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church. If married, they are validly married in the Catholic Church.
  • Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Talk with the person you select and explain why you chose him or her and what their responsibilities will be.
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