Middle School Youth Ministry

This summer we will be hosting Tuesday Matinees watching The Chosen from 1:00-3:00pm in the Youth Office.

Registration Form

Participation in St. Leo the Great Youth Ministry activities does require you to register and have the appropriate forms filled out. Why? The safety of our youth is important to St. Leo the Great clergy, staff and volunteers. Additionally, the information also allows us to continue to support the students and parents and a way to ensure that upcoming events and activities are announced in a timely manner.

2021-2022 Youth Ministry Registration and Medical Form

COVID Waiver – Please fill out one for each type of event (i.e. 1 time to attend all Tuesday Matinees)

Activity Fee

In an effort to offset the cost of snacks, meals, youth ministry t-shirt and materials for youth events during the year, St. Leo’s does assess an Activity Fee. However, we will not and have never turned a youth away if cost is an issue. We would ask that you contribute what you can. The activity fee structure also takes into account family with multiple participating children:

  • Middle School: $60/youth
  • High School: $85/youth
  • Family (two or more students): $120/family

Other Potential Costs

St. Leo the Great Youth Ministry does do other off-site activities that may have a cost attached to them.  In order for you to plan ahead, those events may include:

  • SERVE July 2022 ~  registration will open in January!

Stay tuned to hear more about upcoming events!

We are currently working on our schedule for the fall – stay tuned for the calendar!