RCIT -Required Paperwork

The following paperwork is required by the Office of Youth Ministry in order to register for RCIT:

The following paperwork is required by Parent’s meeting to continue attending class:

  • PARISH FORM: Students must fill out a St Leo Parish form for our parish records. You will need to complete either the form for Confirmation (candidates) or Baptism (catechumens), whichever applies to you.

The following paperwork is required by October 15, 2019 to continue attending class:

  • BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE: (With the Church seal) Students must turn in a notarized copy of their baptismal certificate by the church they were baptized.
  • SPONSOR ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE: All sponsors are required to acquire and turn in a certificate from the parish in which they are registered that certifies their eligibility to be a sponsor for Sacraments. Please review the sponsor qualifications document in this packet.
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