RCIT Calendar

The following calendar is to assist all participating in the St. Leo the Great Rite of Initiations for Teens (RCIT) know the class times as well as the reading that is to be prepared prior to arriving at class. Please note that there are dates that the Sponsor, or parent if the sponsor is unavailable, are required to attend the class.

Class will be held in the Parish Hall Guadalupe Room and begins promptly at 7:00pm and will end at 8:30pm.

Only three unexcused absences (See Managing Expectations to see what qualifies for an excused absence) are allowed over the entire year.

***Copy of Baptismal Certificate is due the first day of class!!*** that’s a change from the 2020-2021 schedule below

RCIT Schedule 2020-2021_Updated 9-21-2020