Theo 101: Theology for Beginners

This summer the St. Leo the Great Youth Ministry LEAD Team is sponsoring  a six week introduction to theology seminar. This is being offered to the high school teens and COR Team members on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm.

We will be using Frank Sheed’s Introduction to Theology (Aeterna Press). For the teens, this book is free and may be picked up at St. Leo the Great’s Rectory Office once you have enrolled. We will be using other texts which will be provided to you through this system

In order to participate, please enroll below. Please note, this does require a fair amount of reading and homework each week and cramming does not work. The following is the schedule and the title of weekly topics:

  • June 25 (Week 1):    Nature of Created Things

  • July 2 (Week 2):       Nature of Persons (Humans, Angels and the Blessed Trinity)

  • July 9 (Week 3):       Sin, Redemption and the Problem of Suffering

  • July 23 (Week 4):     The Mystical Body of Christ and her Mother

  • July 30 (Week 5):     Where Heaven touches Earth: Grace and the Sacraments

  • August 6 (Week 6): The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell

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